Bon Voyage

This blog didn’t quite get me anywhere… but I have created a new one if you wish to follow my new journey.


Cheers xox

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98NKOTB2M (A great concert and what looks like a great password)

It’s the summer of concerts. I am going to at least 5 concerts this summer, and I plan on adding more to that list. About a week ago I had the “pleasure” of attending The Package Tour. This tour was a 25 year old girl’s wet dream: New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees, and Boys II Men. I had SO much fun it was unbelievable, but this concert confirmed 8 things:

1. Donnie Wahlberg will make out with anyone or anything… mid-concert.

2. NKOTB uses the same exact choreography that they used in the 80’s (and it’s all the right stuff….).

3. All of the groups’ fans are old enough to drink beer at their concerts (and some even bring marijuana).

4. Nick Lachey is a hunkier version of Channing Tatum.

5. If I am ever attacked, I know I have a fantastic blood-curdling scream.

6. My 0% chance of ending up with Joey McIntyre has now turned into a -100% chance (cue 4 year old son walking up on stage and singing into the microphone).

7. Motown Philly never left.

8. Still, nobody cares about Justin from 98 Degrees. Sorry, J. At least you’re not a platinum blonde any longer.


I cannot wait for the rest of my summer and the rest of my concerts! It is going to be a blast and my giddy little girl dance moves will always show up to tailgate.

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Fuck You, Cancer

Fuck you, cancer. Fuck everything about you. Fuck the fact that you tear away people we love before they are ready to leave us. Fuck the way you choose your victims so carefully and only infect the people who least deserve to hurt.

This weekend I lost my mother’s best friend. It all started with a pain in her hip. The pain in her hip led to testing which ultimately became a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer that had spread. Although the doctors were not optimistic, she survived a year before needing chemotherapy. The cancer didn’t stop, though. It spread to her brain, leaving her friends and family to say their final goodbyes as she would not survive. The end of her time was spent with loved ones, and my mother baked everything she requested so that her memories would be as sweet on her lips as they would in her thoughts.

I am lucky to have known her. She was an important part of my life growing up, and I am relieved I was able to tell her how much I loved her and how much she meant to me in her final stages. I know it’s selfish of me to want her back, but I want her back before her suffering. Cancer never should have infected her. She didn’t deserve that.

Cancer deserves a big “fuck you” from me tonight, but I will remember my mother’s best friend as the strong sailor-mouthed woman who joked, laughed, and added stories and memories to my childhood. I’ll always miss you.

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I Guess I Should’ve Been More Like Her

Breakup songs are usually pretty emotional for me, but this song in particular just hits home on so many different levels for so many different reasons. As much as I detest my ability to relate to this song, at least I know I’m not the first to endure these tough days ahead…

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Love is a verb

It’s easy not to recognize what you have until it’s gone forever. How do you move on from having everything at your fingertips to having nothing at all? It’s crazy how much you can try to make things work, only to realize some things are unforgivable. I’m not quite sure how to feel about being alone for the first time in years. It hurts, it’s hard, but I’ll overcome it because I have to do so.

One thing I’ve discovered through all of this, is that love is real. I believe in love. I do. What I don’t believe is that you can hurt the person you love and watch them suffer, only to hurt them over and over again. That isn’t love. Love isn’t supposed to be painful.

I’ll move on in time and be stronger from this, but I need to make myself happy first. I can’t see myself opening up to anyone in the near future, because I can’t rely on anyone else to make me smile. I’ll get there. Time time time time time….




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“Rhode” Trip

It was a fantastic weekend in the underrated tiny state of Rhode Island. Not only did I get to enjoy all of the food that made me fat in college, but I was able to see some great friends (new and old), walk along the breezy beach, and spend time judging collegiates at the bar I once frequented.

My sorority sisters will always be a huge part of my life, and being able to spend my Sunday with roommates, best friends, littles, and bigs was a blast from the past. It made me realize how much I miss my life in college. I would never want to return to college now, but I would kill to live it all over again. These girls mean so much to me and are more than just friends.


Rhody trips are always successful.

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The 10 Worst Morning Commuters

10. The Narcoleptic

I understand you didn’t have your morning coffee yet, but driving into my lane on the highway is less than desirable. Stop falling asleep and get your shit together.

9. The Selfish Merger

From my understanding, when two lanes merge into one and there is excessive traffic, there is a rule: one car from each side gets a turn. Left car, Right car, left car, etc… It’s only fair. Selfish Merger goes when he feels like going. He’s a non-conformist. He makes his own damn rules. He’s going directly after the car from his own lane in front of him. What a dick.

8. The Cell Phone Junkie

I just have a question: who the fuck are you calling at 7am?

7. The Excessive Honker

We are in bumper-to-bumper traffic…. where do you think you are going? It’s early, dude. My ears are not equipped for that yet. At least give me a warning. Also, who are you honking at?

6. The Makeup Applier

Applying mascara behind the wheel has to fall under the “reckless driving” category.

5. The “See A Cop and Panic” Guy

This has nothing to do with speed traps. I slow down if I see a cop hiding out where he does… every day. I’m talking about the cop that already has someone pulled over. The cop is already out of the car. He’s speaking to the driver in the front seat. WHY ARE YOU STOPPING?! Do you honestly believe Mr. Policeman is going to get back in his car and pull you over instead? Just drive, please.

4. The Eventual Left Turner

Your blinker has been on for the past 10 minutes. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Also, you’re pretty damn old so I’m going to make sure there’s no Silver Alert out for you.

3. The Tortoise

I’m in the fast lane because I’m running late and don’t care if I get pulled over because at least I’d have an excuse. You’re in the fast lane because… well… I don’t know considering you are barely going the speed limit. I can’t stand you. You bet I’m the girl behind you passively yelling through my windshield and giving you the “get over” wave (excessively).

2. The Lane Weaver

No explanation required; you blow.

1. Johnny Stereo

I’m the kind of girl who turns down the music at a red light because I’m embarrassed someone will judge my musical stylings (or my aspiring Whitney notes). This guy doesn’t give a fuck. He sits in traffic with his music on full blast, bass pumping, and an angry constipated look on his face. I don’t want to hear Korn at 7 in the morning. Actually, I don’t want to hear Korn ever.




I hope you all get fired from your jobs.

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