National Geographics up in here.

Last night I sat down to a beautiful outdoor dinner. The food was delicious, the landscaping lovely, and the giant spider spinning it’s web above the table was…. WAIT.. WHAT?!

So, I’m sitting there, enjoying a nice quattro formaggi pizza (heart attack on a plate), and I noticed a very large spider just hanging out above the empty table next to me. First, I thought it was so large it resembled a crab and I was absolutely terrified. After watching it for what seemed like the entire meal and entire post-meal conversation, I got to witness the coolest thing in the world: a spider spinning it’s entire web. I’m talking from start to finish. I was so drawn to what the spider was doing, I couldn’t pay attention to anything else. Nat Geo was right above the table, and I was sitting there mesmerized.

After dinner (to which I did not drive) and a full night of not being near my car, I left to go home. As I am leaving the driveway, I notice A GIANT SPIDER on my sideview mirror. He had built his own web and looked like he was about to swallow me whole. Now, of course I was in an awful mood, and couldn’t stop staring at this spider my entire drive home. He must have thought that I loved spiders, and heard it along the grapevine…. but he was wrong. I was planning on pulling into a parking lot, getting out, swatting said spider to the ground, and driving home so that Mr. Spidey couldn’t find me ever again. When I pulled over, HE WENT INTO HIDING. So, what does this mean for me? It means I have a mother alien spider hanging out. On my car. I have to go to said car right now…. I am bringing weapons of mass spider-destruction. Lord help me. He is larger than my fist by now, I’m sure. Just sitting there.. being scary… eating humans…


About girlwithoutadream

Just a 20something making mistakes through every chapter of life. Mistakes are what bring us lessons, though, and taking chances are what bring us success. I'll find it someday.
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