Things I do whilst unpacking

First of all, I know no one in their right mind uses “whilst” anymore, I just think it sounds proper (and super fancy). Moving on…. I have just moved and am currently in the middle of unpacking. Let me just say, since 2010, I have moved five times. That is not an exaggeration. FIVE. TIMES.


I am no stranger to moving, but I definitely don’t dislike unpacking as much as everyone else. I feel like it is a fresh and clean start, and for anyone who knows me, I usually end up with a floordrobe instead of clothes hanging in my closet. THEREFORE, I am trying my hardest to organize my current life.

I always, always, always need music to keep the unpacking lively and exciting. There is usually dancing and [awful] singing goin’ on, too. Okay, the dancing isn’t too good either.

I open one box and typically get distracted by one item (such as an old picture or my Jacks collection from camp). This time, I am becoming distracted via blog entries. I needed an outlet, though, and writing this was at least one way to distract myself enough to want to get back to work.


This blog entry sucks, but my unpacking is going swimmingly, thanks for asking!


About girlwithoutadream

Just a 20something making mistakes through every chapter of life. Mistakes are what bring us lessons, though, and taking chances are what bring us success. I'll find it someday.
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2 Responses to Things I do whilst unpacking

  1. We had a stretch in our life where we lived in 7 houses in 9 years in 6 cities.

    • It is the worst. I moved around a lot as a kid, but never really minded because I didn’t have to do any of the cost or labor. I moved 15 minutes away this time, but it is such a hassle!

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