Not afraid to admit: I love Scissor Sisters

Scissor Sisters, a band who is no virgin to controversy, was created based on the New York City gay nightlife. It is no secret that they have a huge gay following, but they also have fans like me. I have much respect towards the gay lifestyle, but why should you boys get to have all the fun?!

I like a good band as much as the next, so being straight doesn’t stop me from enjoying a little bit of Scissor Sisters’ music. Their new single Only the Horses, produced by the one and only Calvin Harris, is the most addicting song I have heard in months. It just makes me want to dance no matter where I am (which is usually in the car when I put the song on repeat). If you don’t believe me, take a listen for yourselves!

I am unbelievably excited for their newest album The Magic Hour to be released at the end of May (in the UK). Hopefully it’ll hit America soon, because I am dying to get my hands on it!

Check out Scissor Sisters here, and support them when the album hits stores!


About girlwithoutadream

Just a 20something making mistakes through every chapter of life. Mistakes are what bring us lessons, though, and taking chances are what bring us success. I'll find it someday.
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