Muscles vs. Mussels

For some odd reason, I have never been attracted to men with large muscles. Maybe it’s because New Jersey has plagued me with views of “Juicy Gorilla Meatheads” every summer down the shore, but I’d prefer a man who is simply toned and doesn’t spend 7 hours of the day at the local Planet Fitness. Don’t get me wrong, this has nothing to do with staying in shape. I appreciate when people go to the gym to stay fit and healthy, but I don’t find biceps the size of cantaloupes the most attractive asset. I do, however, enjoy cantaloupes very much so. But I digress…

More than muscles, I like MUSSELS! I have never been the most adventurous lady when it comes to ordering food. “You need to broaden your horizons,” my mom would always repeat. I never used to try anything new, and when I was younger, I literally ordered the “crunchy noodles” from Friday’s. You know… the garnish they put on top of salads and whatnot… Healthy choices obviously haven’t gotten me very far in life. Anyway, a few months ago when I went to visit my mom down in Florida, I was brave enough to try mussels for the very first time. I wasn’t forced to try them, and my mother was very pleased when I happily told her I wanted a taste without any coercing on her part. Much to my surprise, I loved them! Sure, they’re a little rubbery and slimy, but they’re fun to eat and I find them delectable. The point to this story, is that I ordered them tonight and enjoyed every bite. I may not be into muscles, but I’m into trying new things, and mussels happened to be part of the journey.


Mussels in a white wine and garlic sauce


About girlwithoutadream

Just a 20something making mistakes through every chapter of life. Mistakes are what bring us lessons, though, and taking chances are what bring us success. I'll find it someday.
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  1. Love your blog, you’re a very good writer!

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